New York Trip

IMG_2411Over this summer I had an amazing experience. I am a part of the Roots and Shoots Youth Leadership Council, and this summer we went to a retreat in New York! I was lucky enough to visit the UN building, and attend the youth assembly. Hearing people speak, and meeting all the other teenagers on the Council has really inspired me to start many new projects! I will be starting a Roots and Shoots group of my own here in Chico, as soon as my swim season is over. I will have more information on that soon! Roots and Shoots, for those of you who do not know, is the organization started by Dr. Jane Goodall for youth to come together to help the enviroment and their communities. My mom and I ran a Roots and Shoots group at Marigold Elementary when I was in the fourth grade, and Im very excited to run one again soon. In that group, we did a letter campaign about palm oil, made decorations for a nursing home, and built a garden that is at the school still today!:)

IMG_2273In this next group I hope to work with friends on the council with their projects. One for example, is an amazing program to help get malaria nets for those in need. I have had the pleasure of meeting  Dr. Jane Goodall a few times, and I am very happy to be apart of her cause. It is an amazing example of how something so small can grow to such a global scale and make an impact. Seeing her work, and all she’s done inspires me so much. It makes me realize that it is possible for something like my non profit to grow into a global cause.

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