Allison has spoken all over the world, and to a variety of groups ranging from pre-school to the university level. She has inspired children all over with her unwavering love of the orangutan. Dealing with adversity and overcoming obstacles in her fight to save the great red ape, Allison is a perfect inspirational speaker.

She is available to help start Purses for Primates clubs at schools, churches, zoos, or private organizations. She can teach or lead your group to starting a successful club that will generate thousands of dollars to help save the great red ape.

For teachers who are interested in the environmental aspect of the palm oil crisis and how it is not only effecting the orangutan, but indigenous people of Borneo and Sumatra as well, Allison has formatted speeches and lesson plans that can fit into your curriculum, regardless of the grade.

Please contact us for further information about having this dynamic teen come to you.

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